Funakoshi Karate International
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2015 Frank McKenzie & Funakoshi Karate International Australia
Team Leader Program

Our new Team Leader group for 2015 are:

Jacqui Twaddle. Jamieson Turoczy, Alex Turoczy, Jace Nepean, Garrin Williamson,
Laughlin Braithwaite, Chelsea Patel, Jaymei Bandman, Cody Knights and Seth Knights.

The Team Leader program is designed to:
* improve leadership skills
* gradually give students more responsibility
* help students become successful communicators and motivators
* train students to become assistant instructors and eventually full dojo instructors

Before students are invited to apply to become a Team Leader, they first need to demonstrate:
* High personal commitment to karate (e.g. train in extra classes above requirements without being
* An excellence in karate basics.
* Loyalty, humility and integrity.
* Maturity and an open mind.
* Enthusiasm to help others (this quality MUST, without ever having been asked, be demonstrated
throughout the year for any student to be invited to apply for this role).
* Tolerance of others (demonstrated patience when interacting with other students).
* That they command respect from fellow karateka.

Team Leaders are not expected to teach - instead teaching roles will form the focus of older (15
years plus) Junior Assistant Instructors. The responsibilities of Team Leaders will include:
* Being reliable, enthusiastic and helping improve the image and professionalism of our karate
* Assisting with equipment set up and tidying away.
* Assisting at Reception and welcoming newcomers to karate.
* Getting everyone lined up properly (quickly and quietly) at the start and finish of class.
* 10 minutes before the PeeWee, or Kids Karate class begins, commence a light
(jogging/stretching) warm-up session.
* Continually helping instructors by encouraging lower grades to respond quickly and quietly to
instructions, and to acknowledge all instructions by saying 'osu'.
* Being 'mentors' to the lower belts, especially new students. Tell them about the 'ins and outs' of
the school so that they soon feel 'at home' in their new environment.
* Providing assistance to the senior instructor as per the instructor's discretion and request.