Funakoshi Karate International
"Traditional karate, traditional values"
2015 Frank McKenzie & Funakoshi Karate International Australia
PeeWee Karate students
receive recognition for
their dedication to training.
PeeWee Karate

Classes are for 5-8 year olds. Our program is designed to provide the following:
* a slightly less formal program than Kids Karate;
* a fun yet structured environment;
* educational games;
* reflex training;
* balance training;
* hand-eye co-ordination training;
* bag work; and
* introduction to light sparring.

Emphasis is on instilling respect, good manners, developing character and having fun. There is an informal grading
conducted every two months with the whole PeeWee program designed to run for two years.

Following a grading, students receive a coloured stripe belt i.e. white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple 1, purple2,
red, brown 1, brown 2 and finally black stripe. Once a student reaches Black Stripe (the highest level in this
program), they can enroll in the 'full' Funakoshi Karate system - Kids Karate

PeeWee Karate students following
medal presentations in December 2014
PeeWee Karate students following merit badge
& grading presentations in August 2014