Funakoshi Karate International
"Traditional karate, traditional values"
2015 Frank McKenzie & Funakoshi Karate International Australia
FKIA members who
received their black
belts in 2014.
Kids Karate

Funakoshi Karate focuses on developing fitness, physical mastery, mental control, intellectual enrichment and self-
defence capabilities. The underlying philosophy is built on the karate maxims defined by the late Japanese Karate
Master, Gichin Funakoshi:


Funakoshi Karate teaches children aged 6-12 years in a safe, fun and challenging environment. Instructors work on
developing greater motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self-discipline and respect for others through class
participation. The outcome is an increase in a child's self-confidence, social interaction, and the ability to set and
obtain goals.

Young kids love learning karate because there are no bench sitters ... every child participates in every activity no
one is left out. They meet new friends. They set goals and work to reach them, and that makes them feel good about
Examples of karate-related goals:
* Gradings (for next belt level) - every 4 months
* Monthly merit badge awards (for full attendance)
* Most disciplined student award (monthly)
* Recognition in club newsletter (e.g. student profiles)
Kids Karate students following their gradings in December 2014.