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Black Belt Club

In January 2001, Funakoshi Karate Australia started a Black Belt Club. This is where like-minded karate students train
together in the pursuit of Black Belt Excellence. The Black Belt Club trains twice per week. During these sessions,
emphasis is on higher-grade thinking, technique and exercise. During training, students get the mental and physical
stimulation required to take them to higher levels in karate. Black Belt training is viewed as 'special' and is available
only to students who have earned their place in the Black Belt Club.

Why Have A Black Belt Club?
* To improve the standard of Funakoshi Karate
* To assist karate students in staying motivated and focussed on achieving their karate goals
* To provide those who want to improve their karate at a higher level the opportunity to do so
* To provide students preparing for their first Black Belt test with the necessary training
* To provide students preparing for higher levels of Black Belt with the necessary ongoing training
* To recognise the hard work and effort of senior grade students

Who Qualifies For Entry Into The Black Belt Club?
Students who have reached the grade of 3rd Kyu or higher and demonstrate:
* The ambition to achieve higher goals in karate
* The willingness to work extremely hard
* Enthusiasm and dedicated interest in karate, including a good/positive character
* 80% or higher attendance at regular training sessions

Note: The rank of 3rd Kyu does NOT guarantee entry into the Black Belt Club. Also, under exceptional
circumstances, a 4th Kyu may be invited to join the Black Belt Club.

What Days and Times Does Black Belt Club Run?
Mondays & Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm